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About Free Demonstration :
This attempt is to check out  System Compatibility, Internet Speed  in both way for clear clarification and Communication aspect between Attendees / Students & Faculty. 


  • Thorough grasp of concepts and fundamentals. 
  • Teaching, Learning and Understanding aspects in both sides for Concept applications at advance level.
  • Feasibility of Interactive Communication, Knowledge of Basic Concept etc.

This program is for the students of all GRADES who are facing certain problems in Chemistry, ready for  Board/ Entrance Examinations.  It is intended to be a condensed review of various concepts from a typical Chemistry course.  This course is a blend of LIVE-based instruction and LIVE Interactive Session. This is the perfect way for students entering all entrance Examination including Advance Level.


  • To check Compatibility of System, Feasibility of Interactive Communication, Knowledge of Basic Concept etc. (1 Day)
  • Quantum Numbers, Distribution method of electrons. Aufbau’s Principle. Hunds Rule,  Pauli’s Exclusion Principle, Distribution of elements in s, p, d & f block.
  • Role of electrons of outermost shell/Orbit in Valency and Oxidation State /Relationship (Primary & Secondary Valency)
  • Process of mobility of electrons, Electronic and Nuclear Stability of Atoms.

Duration     :  04 day : Total 04 Hr

Batch Time :


Time Zone

            Batch Time


  Starts on

 Ends On
 GULF  GMT +3.0  06.30  07.30 P.M.  60 min.  02-04-2020  05-04-2020
 UAE  GMT +4.0  07.40 P.M. to 08.40 P.M.  60 min.  02-04-2020 05-04-2020
 MALAYSIA  GMT +8.0  07.30 P.M. to 08.30 P.M.  60 min.  02-04-2020 05-04-2020
 SINGAPORE  GMT +8.0  07.30 P.M. to 08.30 P.M.  60 min.  02-04-2020 05-04-2020
 JAPAN  GMT +9.0  07.45 P.M. to 08.45 P.M.  60 min.  02-04-2020 05-04-2020
 USA  GMT  -4.0  07.30 P.M. to 08.30 P.M.  60 min.  02-04-2020 05-05-2020
 USA  GMT  -5.0  07.15 P.M. to 08.15 P.M.  60 min.  02-04-2020 05-04-2020
 USA  GMT  -7.0  07.30 P.M.  to 08.30 P.M.  60 min.  02-04-2020 05-04-2020

Number of Students per Batch : Only 23

Doubt Clearing Session : 15 min. before ending the class.

Faculty : Dilip K.  Darodkar

Language of Teaching :  English (Additional Languages :  Hindi, Marathi )

Fees :  0.00/- INR

Note :   "Any recorded videos are not loaded on You Tube".

  • Before Registration please Watch Get Started on Header of HOME PAGE & also ensure System Requirements.
  • Classes are easily accessed through "Internet  Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome".
  • Update Adobe Flash Player at your System.
  • This programm is available only  for those aspirants who are seeking for good knowedge of Conceptual Chemistry to fulfill their Dream.
  • Web-Cam  and Headphone with in-built microphone must be Active for LIVE Interactive Communication / Discussion.

For any query related to Topic/Course, Please feel free to write us at Contact.  or call  07709456867 (Whatsapp). +91 712 297 0329.


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