Regular STD. XII (Physical) Part I

About COURSE :
This course would cover all topics that are part of the Board + Entrance Examination syllabus. This is a comprehensive course including concepts, practice problems, and techniques for problem solving. The course would also guide students in exam taking techniques. This course makes students do well in their board as well as competitive examination related studies.

Gain thorough grasp of concepts and fundamentals, Ability to  solve problems including difficult problems, to develop technique for problem solving including Application of Concepts require for Board as well as competitive  level preparation on topic.

This program is for the students of Standard XII who are ready for  Board, Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Basic Science & Other Entrance Examinations.  It is intended to be a condensed review of various concepts from a typical Chemistry course.  This course is a blend of LIVE-based instruction and LIVE Interactive Session. This is the perfect way for students entering Board as well as Competitive Exam  to brush up on important information of selected chapter.


  • Solutions & Colligative Properties : Types of solutions, expression of concentration of solutions of solids in liquids, solubility of gases in liquids, solid solutions, Raoult's law, Colligative properties - Relative lowering of vapour pressure, Elevation of boiling point, Depression of freezing point,  Osmotic pressure, Determination of molecular masses using colligative properties, Abnormal molecular mass, Van't Hofffactor. (12 Hours)
  • Surface Chemistry : Adsorption -physisorption and chemisorption, Factors affecting adsorption of gases on solids, Catalysis: Homogenous and Heterogenous, Activity and selectivityof solid catalysts; Enzyme catalysis, Colloidal state: Distinction between True solutions, Colloids and Suspension; Lyophilic, Lyophobic, Multi-molecular and Macromolecular colloids; Properties of colloids; Tyndall effect, Brownian movement, Electrophoresis, Coagulation, Emulsion -types of Emulsions. (08 Hours)

Theory :  Principles and its Applications, Numericals.  (in Details)

Pre Reading : Notes & Handouts.

Home Work   : Text Book Exercise

Duration : 20 Hrs (01 Hr. per day)

Batch Time   :


 Time Zone  

         Batch Time

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  INDIA    GMT +5.30

 07.30 P.M. to 08.00 P.M.

  Oct. 01st, 2020

  Oct.28th, 2020 

Admission Open. Register for Free Demonstration.

Number of Students per Batch : 20

Doubt Clearing Session : At the end of Topic.

Weekly Off    :    Saturday  & Sunday

Faculty : Dilip K.  Darodkar

Language of Teaching :  English (Additional Languages :  Hindi, Marathi )

Fees : 5999/- INR, [INR 300/- per Hour]   ( INR 11999/- , 50 % off )


  • For LIVE classes no need of any App.  
  •  No any  video is loaded on You Tube".
  • Before Registration please CLICK Get Started on Header of HOME PAGE & also ensure System Requirements.
  • Classes are easily accessed through "Internet  Explorer" only.
  • For other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge ) Update Adobe Flash Player at your System.
  • This programm is only available for students of Std. XII.
  • Web-Cam  and Headphone with in-built microphone must be Active for LIVE Interactive Communication.

For any query related to Topic/Course, Please feel free to write us at Contact.  or call  07709456867.


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Regular STD. XII (Physical) Part I


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Regular STD. XII (Physical) Part I


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