Advance Chemistry Part I (NEET)

About LIVE Paathshala:

LIVE Paathshala is venture of  Catalyst Academy of Chemistry (professionally managed multi-disciplinary research-based Institute). Since 2014 venture is delivering  Chemistry for students of Grade XI, XII and above through Real-Time LIVE  Interactive Streaming Technology. The Chemistry delivered by us  covers all Basic Fundamentals of Chemistry  including Concepts and its mode of  Applications such as  (How & When), and  its techniques to understand it at all levels of an integrated syllabus of all Boards (C.B.S.E., ICSE, STATE . . . . . .) . It also guide students about exam  techniques, How to do well in all examination related studies to achieve their Goal.

This  comprehensive course includes Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Practice problems and Applications to keep students away from Chemistry Phobia. It also guide students for selection of Carrier & also make them do well in all aspects.

About COURSE :
This course would cover all topics that are part of the Board + Entrance Examinations i.e. NEET, JEE, ICAR, SAT II/........ This is a comprehensive course including concepts, practice problems, and techniques for problem solving. The course would also guide students in exam taking techniques. This course makes students do well in their board as well as competitive examination related studies.

Gain thorough grasp of concepts and fundamentals, Ability to  solve problems including difficult problems, to develop technique for problem solving including Application of Concepts require for Board as well as competitive  level preparation on topic.

This program is for the students who has passed Standard XII and  ready for  Entrance Examinations e.g.Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Basic Science & Other.  It is intended to be a condensed review of various concepts from a typical Chemistry course.  This course is a blend of LIVE-based instruction and LIVE Interactive Session. This is the perfect way for students entering Board as well as Competitive Exam  to brush up on important information of selected chapter.


Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry  Laws of chemical combination; Atomic and isotopic masses; Chemical equivalents, volumetric calculations in terms of normality;  Relative molecular mass and mole. Relative molecular masses for the gases: the molar volume method; Victor Meyer’s method; Chemical reaction - Stoichiometric calculations based on mass-mass, mass-volume and volume-volume relationships.
States of Matter: Structure and Properties
Solid State  Crystalline and amorphous substances; lattice; unit cell; 3–D packing of atoms in a crystal lattice; relation between radius, edge length and nearest neighbour distance of atoms in a unit cell; density of a unit cell; interstitial void; imperfections in solids, ionic, metallic and atomic solids, electrical and magnetic properties.

Chemical Equilibria & Ionic Equilibria:

Chemical Equilibrium:  (i) Reversible reactions and dynamic equilibrium. The concept of equilibrium constant in terms of concentration or partial pressure to indicate the composition of the equilibrium mixture. The following are the examples: the dissociation of dinitrogen tetroxide, hydrolysis of simple esters, the Contact Process for the manufacture of sulphuric acid, the synthesis of ammonia by Haber’s process. (ii) Le Chatelier’s Principle and its applications to chemical equilibria. Ionic Equilibria : (i) Ostwald’s dilution law and its derivation. Strength of acids and bases based on their dissociation constant. (ii) Arrhenius, Brönsted-Lowry and Lewis concept of acids and bases, Multistage ionization of acids and bases with examples. (iii) Ionic product of water, pH of solutions and pH indicators. (iv) Common ion effect. (v) Salt hydrolysis. (vi) Buffer solutions. (vii) Solubility product and its applications.

Chemical Energetics First law of Thermodynamics and its mathematical statement; Heat, Work and Energy; Second law of thermodynamics - Reversible and irreversible changes, isobaric, isochoric adiabatic processes; Entropy, Free Energy. Spontaneity of a chemical change. G° = -2.303 RT logKeq;  Third Law of Thermodynamics (statement only); Thermochemistry: Definitions., Constancy in the heat of neutralisation, Calorific value of a fuel; Hess’s law of constant heat summation - simple problems based on the above definitions and concepts.

Redox Reactions  Concept of oxidation and reduction in terms of oxygen, hydrogen, electrons; Redox reactions – examples; Oxidation number: Rules for calculation, simple calculations of oxidation state in molecules and ions;  Oxidation and reduction in terms of change in oxidation number; Balancing of redox reactions in acidic and basic medium by oxidation number and ion-electron method.

Pre Reading : Notes & Handouts.

Home Work   : Reference  Book Exercise

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Doubt Clearing Session : At the end of Topic.

Weekly Off    :    Saturday  & Sunday

Faculty : Dilip K.  Darodkar

Language of Teaching :  English (Additional Languages :  Hindi, Marathi )

Fees : 12499/- INR, [INR 312/- per Hour]   ( INR 16665/- , 25 % off )


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  • This programm is only available for students of Std. XII.
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