Dear Friends,

Catalyst Academy of Chemistry is the multi-disciplinary research-based institute is established in 2004.  Since 2014 the institute is  broadcasting Real-time LIVE classes of Chemistry through Real-Time LIVE Interactive Streaming Technology (Real-Time L.I.S.T.) for students of Std. XI/XII to achieve their goal in Entrance Examinations  such as  Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, General Science and others.

Real-Time L.I.S.T. is the digitalized blend of both Conventional and Modern methods of Teaching  & Learning with unique features.

In 25 years  experience in Education and Industrial sector, we found that,  Chemistry is highly Conditional, effective as well as non-avoidable  part of  all processes, phenomenons of whole universe.  Every natural change is chemical change and plays important role  in all changes & activities of  life  i.e. Job, Business, Health, Psychology, Management, Politics, Social, Natural Amenities ……… and so on.

Friends, it is very necessary for us to understand Chemistry very well.  Our LIVE Paathshala is providing Chemistry knowledge to students in practically proactive mode with

Mission:  Empowering  World-wide Student Community  under "One Roof" to achieve their Goal & to fulfill their Dreams  and

Vision : Whole world is Family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) & generating Chemistry Experts Globally for development in all sectors with excellent skills.

LIVE Paathshala  is  inclusive of  syllabus of all Boards/Universities and ready to provide deep knowdlege (What, How, When and Where).

Having  an educator for several years, we keenly support the pivotal, proactive role in education  sector to create talented students . Keeping the contemporary global and national context in mind, we provide a balanced environment focused on shaping children into leaders of tomorrow by offering comprehensive education through a developmental approach. LIVE Interactive Chemistry  climate promotes independence, a love for learning, a connection to the world and a sense of social responsibility.

It is with a sense of great pride and pleasure for us that, we are inviting you for your Active Participation in learning Chemistry at Live PAATHSHALA . Come and discover what Unique  for you  to develop Carrier to achieve your Goal.

Warm Regards.

Dilip K. Darodkar  

Founder / Director ,

Catalyst Academy of Chemistry.

Nagpur, 440 009 (M.S.) India