LIVE Paathshala is the LIVE Broadcasting of Class in scheduled Time. The students are learning Chemistry while sitting at their Home, they are saving their Time, Energy, Money, Environment (Air Pollution), reducing risk of accidents and so on...……….. The Vision of LIVE Paathshala is to generate excellent Universal Chemistry Experts for entire Fields such as Engineering, Medical, Environmental, Agriculture, Natural & Materialistic process Managements etc. for proper development of Human beings. Live Paathshala is preparing students by providing Basic Concepts and its Application. Recorded sessions also allow a level of convenience that is not found in any traditional learning environment. Also, LIVE online learning tends to be lower in cost than traditional learning situations due to lower overhead.

LIVE sessions allow for regular interaction with a live teacher. During a session, audio, video, chat, and an interactive board is used in order to teach students. This level of interaction with the teacher and other students is not offered by most online learning providers. Of course, all instruction provided by LIVE Online Chemistry is of the highest quality. LIVE Online Chemistry has something for everyone. Classes allow parents to outsource the teaching of Chemistry, and also allows students to participate in a stimulating group learning environment. Live Streaming offer the perfect blend of video-based and LIVE session learning. These courses maintain an excellent balance between structure/accountability and flexibility. Students who prefer to work at their own pace will benefit for preparing subject. These courses can also be complemented by LIVE session time. Be it homework help, introducing Basic Concepts providing applicability... It is the "LIVE" part that separates LIVE Online Chemistry from competitors. Students are actively engaged during LIVE sessions through regular teacher-student and student-student interaction. Also, students are able to talk through and see a problem with a live teacher helping at each step along the way. Finally, using traditional tests and quizzes coupled with informal observations of student performance, gives the teacher a better sense of student progress. This could not be achieved without the high degree of interactivity that LIVE Online Chemistry offers.

LIVE Paathshala is providing interactive communication facility to all registered students to ask/share their ideas, doubts and difficulties with faculty and other students also. This facility is integrated with system, no need of any communication instruments like Mobile, Phone, Wireless etc... LIVE Paathshaha is increasing "Students technological proficiency" , interacting with students in other areas of the nation (or even the world), and preparing students for distance learning opportunities in the future.

Yes, Live Paathshala is emphasizing on individual attention on registered students for their overall development in systematic and scientific mode to increase essence of being success more than Traditional/Conventional classes to achieve their Goal.

LIVE Paathshala has divided Chemistry in two parts. Indian Curriculum : For Indian students of class XI /XII who want to do excel in their Board/Entrance Examinations. Global Curriculum : For students who want to develop clarity of Concepts and Its Applications every stage for competitive examination and those who want to build their a self-esteem in their overall development, need to join.

Yes! New student’s must have to join "FREE Demonstration" with no any FEES. This is very informative for new student’s to understand role of LIVE Classes. Free LIVE DEMONSTRATION is loaded on Home Page in both Curriculum. Subscribe it and attend it in scheduled Date and Time.

"LIVE Paathshala" is Real-Time LIVE Interactive Streaming methodology, the unique blend of both Conventional (Traditional) and Modern (Online) methods with a Mission : "Connecting World-wide Student Community under 'One Roof' to achieve their GOAL".